A New Generation of Dome Storage Buildings


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Van Pelt Construction is proud to introduce an innovative new storage structure to replace and retrofit existing pre-engineered conical domes.

Large enough to accommodate the largest loading and stockpiling equipment,
VP StoraDome™ can be built directly on the foundation of your existing conical dome, or on a new location of your choosing.


The VP StoraDome™ is customizable to incorporate full use of existing entrances, and is free of traditionally maintenance-heavy asphalt shingles and wood panels.


First seen in 2014 at the MTO patrol yards in Mactier and Batchawana Bay, Ontario and last seen in 2018 in Windsor at Public Works Crawford Yard. – VP StoraDome™ has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from municipalities and AMC contractors.


Professional consultation on meeting RFP requirements is part of our commitment to you. Call today to discuss how the VP StoraDome™ can help you manage your budget for sand/salt storage and distribution.


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